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July 28, 2021, 08:57:45 am
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Author Topic: FRINGE PERFECT  (Read 865 times)
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« Reply #30 on: February 12, 2013, 02:51:06 pm »

City 1438; Random Battle Channel HQ; November 23rd, 4:15 PM

"That's... very weird..." The skinny woman in the studio murmured as she stared at the data on her screen. Several of the combatants who'd just entered the area had obviously glitched profiles, because the dates of their joining were weird.

She'd been happy when Kazue showed up, thinking she would get some comedic one-woman-army reels, but... the woman had yet to do anything. Indeed, she was simply stalking around, apparently trying to stake out the competition and avoiding direct conflict, as one might expect a ninja to - decidedly unlike her.

The sounds of an explosion caught her attention and she whipped her head over to look at a floating image, where she saw that female flame elementalist standing victoriously... for an audible shockwave to ripple out as one of the newcomer's weapons flew from the center of the roiling flames, glowing like a miniature sun, and through the elementalist, scattering her innards through the air. Mere instants after disembowelment Dead-Net kicked in and the woman vanished, leaving only the weapon.

She turned her attention to the flames, where the weapon's owner had to have been. He stumbled forward, looking not at all like he'd just managed that ridiculously powerful flame-lit throw, and coughed as part of his protective suit fell away, destroyed by the conflagration. That the man himself had survived the fire okay was surprising, if not at all impressive. She glanced at his profile and frowned, though. No search engine found the kid or any mention of him, not even his combatant persona.

The same was true for most of the other newcomers.

"I'll have to see what I can find of their public records..." she mumbled, deciding to aim her efforts elsewhere as she turned and picked up a steaming pizza - unsliced - and began to swallow it whole.

City 1438 Outskirts; Forest; November 23rd, 4:15 PM

Lyn floated through the woods with nary a sound, carefully any presences she sensed. The last thing she remembered was standing in that disgusting smelling underbelly of a destroyed manor, trying to make sense of what had just happened, when suddenly she had appeared in this place.

It'd only taken an instant for her to attempt uplink with the Dead-Net satellites and figure out just what the hell was going on. What she'd found after several minutes of looking around... was disturbing. Frightening, even.

Since there was every indication that she had suddenly and unceremoniously been dropped into the past, and she had no idea why or how.

She knew where she was, and that she wasn't anywhere close to City 1985, or even 292. She was near the place she'd lived as a younger teen, before any involvement with WarCorp. or the ninjas, and she had no idea whether or not she was alone, or if others had been pulled along with her.

Suddenly the sounds of a nearby explosion gripped her and she turned, looking in the direction of the explosion. Her mind raced to find out if there were any other high-level combatants in the area through its connection to the dead-net satellites. Instants later she had downloaded live map of the area which told her exactly where the explosion had occurred. Attempts to connect with the Random Battle Spotter Cameras via the Dead-Net failed; logically, she supposed, in the past their security settings were different. Using her technopathy on one was also out since they were designed by the very best to be fully combatant proof.

As the results from her uplink to the Dead-Net came back, she blinked. There were a surprising number of familiar people in the area, yet... something was odd about a few of them. The dates on their profiles were jumbled and mis-matched, as if... most of them had been dragged from different points in time, as she just had. The only one that seemed consistent with the rest of the world was Roi.

Somehow, despite her familiarity with them, this only served to unsettle her even more. As she began floating towards the explosion, hoping to find someone who wouldn't kill her on sight, her mind worked furiously to uncover what the hell was going on.
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